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Class descriptions   


Ignite – 75 mins Thu (6 weeks long course, next course: 23/5-28/6/2024)

New to yoga? Looking for a new approach to your practice? 

Take the first step and join IGNITE, our 6-week Iyengar Yoga Course, designed to build a solid foundation and guide you through a variety of poses and sequences. 

Our specifically designed curriculum ensures a progressive but gradual approach, with a focus on correct alignment and developing flexibility, strength and body awareness. 

Small group sizes and our certified Iyengar Yoga teacher’s extensive experience ensure a personalised approach and a safe and supportive learning environment.

Every Thursday from 7th Mar-11th Apr, 5.30-6.45 pm

@Northlake Yoga 1 Moutere Pl, Wanaka

Cost: $125

Ignite Mature – 75 mins Mon

This class is a starting point for people who are beginning their yoga study at a more mature age or have stiffness in their body. In this steady-paced class the basics of each yoga pose are taught and students will learn to use the support of the props accordingly. The emphasis is on poses that increase mobility and strength.  Restorative practice every 5th week.



Intermediate 1 – 90 mins Tue, Wed, Thu
Some experience in Iyengar Yoga
You will have a knowledge of basic poses.  Refine and explore the subtleties of the poses.  You will also be introduced to inverted poses, i.e. shoulder and head stands. 
Restorative/Pranayama practice every 5th week. 



Intermediate 2 – 90 mins Mon, Fri
Regular practitioners of Iyengar Yoga 

At this level your practice intensifies. The range of postures continues to expand, and some more challenging poses will be taught. Practice of inversions will be taught in all classes.

Restorative/Pranayama practice every 5th week.

Mixed Intermediate 1 &– 90 mins Fridays 9.15-10.45 am
Combining levels 1 and 2 into one class.


Restorative Yoga – every 5th week all levels
Extended and Supported Poses  
Brings stillness to the mind and nervous system whilst soothing the muscular-skeletal system and metabolism.  Every 5th week for all levels whole class will be Restorative practice.


Pranayama – every 5th week Intermediate levels
Breath Control 
Works as a bridge between the physical and psychological worlds by bringing the mind to the level of the breath.  Every 5th week incorporated at the end of the Restorative Class.


Click here to find out about the yoga workshops we are presently offering

Note: The Studio timetable may change during Public or school holidays. 

This will be reflected in what you are able to book online. 

 2024 Timetable

Intermediate 2
9:15 - 10:45am
(90 mins)

Ignate Mature
5:30 - 6:45pm
(75  mins)

Intermediate 1.
9.15-10.45 am (90mins)

Miniworkshops with Kasia 5.30-7 pm

(90 mins)



Intermediate 1
5:30 - 7pm
(90 mins)



5.30-6.45 pm 
6 weeks long beginners course  starts in March 2024

Mixed Int. 1&2
9:15 - 10.45
(90 mins)



Class Prices

Casual - $25 per class

5 time pass - $110

10 time pass - $185

Ignite 6 Week Course - $125

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