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Sirpa’s yoga classes are a pleasure.  In the strict culture of Iyengar Yoga she brings a joyous, spiritual quality to her teaching.  Sirpa is attentive to detail, giving specific instructions making it easy to follow for beginner and advanced students alike.  She is considerate of injuries, always pointing out a different method of doing poses to accommodate and in a class of different level students she strikes a balance and attends to all levels accordingly.

Her studio in Northlake is airy in summer and cosy in winter with a beautiful outlook to the Mountains.  I would recommend Sirpa’s classes to anyone keen to start yoga or to continue with their practice.


Vicky Fulton – Wanaka – 26 yrs Iyengar yoga student

"Sirpa is a very warm and welcoming teacher who provides a safe place to practise. Sirpa is able to conduct classes in a way that meets and challenges the varying needs of students of all ages and abilities. I value her commitment to her ongoing training and her bringing that to the class in a practical sense. It means that each class is fresh; we are led into an asana in a different way or focus on a different aspect of the asana. And there is always a laugh during the class bringing me back to the moment.  I am very grateful for Sirpa’s support in the development of my own practise."

Craig R

Wooden Hut
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